What is the American Bar Association?

The bar association is a body responsible for representing the legal professionals and the general public of the specific country.

The American Bar Association is an organized group consisting of professional lawyers in a country.

It is only found in countries practicing Anglo-American jurisprudence.

Various factors may influence bar association creation, like the area of practice, affiliation, or geographical reason.

There is no rule of only having one type of association for a particular reason.  The most important factor to consider is to stipulate its function and reason.

Some states like Virginia have two bar associations with different stipulated functions.

Some of the states with mandatory bar associations are:

Those with unified bars are Guam, the Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia.

These state bars’ mandatory nature has forced some of the regional associations to omit the word association. Such organizations just the name “state bar.”


Bar association membership can either be mandatory or voluntary. For mandatory associations, you have to register with the association before practicing law in that state.

As the name suggests, voluntary membership is open to members who are interested in joining the association.

Admission to the Bar Association

It is acquiring the permit to practice law within a certain state or region. It is illegal in most, if not all, states for you to practice law without this requirement.

Some states also require state bar membership as an additional requirement.

Purpose of the Bar Association

The bar association primarily represents the legal profession in national government matters while also defending the public’s liberty.

Besides regulating the profession, it also ensures that the standards in law schools are duly maintained.

It is also responsible for the members’ growth and quality of practice in their professions.

It is also responsible for maintaining partiality in the legal and justice system.

By increasing understanding of the law within the citizens promotes the rule of law and empowers the public to understand how the law and justice system works.

As a result, the governments can be held accountable to the law by the association and the people.

Some associations dedicate their services to their members, ensuring their growth and security professionally. These services often come at an annual fee.

The association ensures that it offers various tips, tools, and resources to advance its members’ careers and knowledge in practice.


The benefits of the bar association align with its purposes in the various states. It regulates the laws of the region or state by which it administers.

It also helps in the administration, understanding, and regulating of the law. It ensures that the legal standards in the region are rightly followed and respected.

The bottom line is that these associations, though initially voluntary, have grown into a staple in any legal and judicial system.

It plays a significant role in eliminating bias and promoting the fairness of the government, lawyers, and the public.

Most of all, it serves its members and the legal industry first, then the government and public.