What Does A Criminal Lawyer Do?

The criminal lawyer is a justice professional specialized in Criminal Law. It is a branch that focuses on all kinds of crimes and penalties. 

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The criminal lawyer’s primary function is to inform the victim of the situation he is in, informs him if it is a crime or not, advise him about the rights that protect him, and defend it.

The most common issues that every criminal lawyer deals with are:

  • Economic crimes: money laundering, tax crimes, fraud, corporate crimes, etc.
  • Crimes against people and life: homicide, injuries, abortion, murder, trafficking in human beings, etc.
  • Crimes against the Administration.
  • Crimes against public safety.
  • Crimes against property: theft, fraud, theft, misappropriation, etc.
  • Sex crimes.
  • Cybercrime.
  • Labor crimes.
  • Defense of citizens abroad, extraditions, and extradition orders.

Any person who suffers from behavior, whether verbal or physical, of a sexual nature that has the purpose or violates the person’s dignity by creating a degrading, intimidating, and offensive environment is considered sexual harassment.

Currently, sexual harassment is a phenomenon that is recognized worldwide and is perceived as a problem of significant importance.

The prohibition of sexual harassment is intended to eliminate all types of conduct or acts that create an uncomfortable or unpleasant environment for the victim.

When is a Criminal Lawyer needed?

Suppose you are or have been a victim of sexual harassment. In that case, it is essential to contact an excellent Criminal Lawyer who will solve all kinds of doubts.

He will talk to you and help you get out of this complicated situation with the most significant benefit for the interested party.

  • Jokes or comments about the appearance or sexual condition of the worker 
  • Telephone calls of a sexual nature 
  • Emails of an offensive nature 
  • Deliberate and unsolicited physical contact 
  • Excessive or unnecessary physical approach 
  • Compromising invitations 
  • Requests for sexual favors

Those are examples of sexual harassment that should be dealt with by an excellent criminal lawyer to set the corresponding penalty according to the crime.

How Criminal Lawyer Will Help

The Criminal Lawyer will study the case with the maximum detail and sensitivity and avoid creating an uncomfortable or unpleasant environment for the victim.

The penalties can be aggravated if:

  1. The person responsible has a superior relationship with the victim
  2. The superior will announce that he can cause a bad in the job the injured person will occupy.

Given the seriousness of the penalties that punish this crime, the defense and prosecution in situations of sexual harassment must be directed by criminal lawyers who are experts in the matter.

All types of action must be denounced, thus allowing the imposition of the penalty on the guilty. However, all false accusations must be nipped in the bud with a perfectly articulated defense.

The penalties imposed on the guilty of the crime of sexual harassment, for example, will range from three to five months in prison. It can be five to seven months if the harasser prevails in his hierarchical situation at work by threatening the victim.

In all those cases in which the crime may be present, it is essential to have the services, advice, work, and support of an excellent criminal lawyer expert in the defense and prosecution of sexual crimes.

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