What Does a Sexual Harassment Lawyer Do?

If you have been the victim of a crime of sexual harassment or against sexual freedom, know that you can initiate the claim of your rights utilizing a complaint or complaint, assisted by a criminal lawyer, who will defend your rights.

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If you have been reported for a crime of sexual harassment, against freedom or sexual assault, you can use the Sexual Harassment Lawyer to assist you.

Criminal and sexual harassment lawyers are specialists in solving any problem that may arise for crimes of sexual harassment.

What is sexual freedom?

Sexual freedom is understood as that part of freedom related to the exercise of one’s sexuality.

Who does it apply to?

This concept is fully applicable to all those persons of legal age with full physical or mental faculties, which allow them to discern the consequences of their choices related to their own sexuality.

With regard to incapacitated persons, the concept of sexual indemnity is understood in the sense of avoiding the impersonation of wills on the part of the crime victim.

What is sexual indemnity?

For all those who are minors or incapacitated, the Criminal Code provides the term “sexual indemnity”, understood as the prohibition of practicing sexual relations of any kind with minors under thirteen years of age, thereby protecting the development of their personality, thus avoiding, major alterations link your personality in the future.

What Are the Most Common Crimes These Lawyers Can Help?

The most common crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity are sexual assault (rape), sexual harassment, and abuse, and we also find figures such as exhibitionism or the crime of prostitution.

The penalty that will be imposed on the person guilty of a crime of sexual harassment will be three to five months in prison or five to seven months in prison.

In addition to the above, the harasser makes his hierarchical situation prevail (at work, as a teacher, etc.), threatening the victim with harm if she does not agree to the performance of sexual favors.

The conduct they are dealing with must be clearly differentiated from that relating to the crime of sexual abuse in which sexual favors are obtained from a minor using deception.

When do You Need to Call a Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

Whenever you have a problem related to crimes related to sexual freedom, you must have the advice, work, and support of criminal lawyers who are experts in the defense and prosecution of sexual crimes.

Remember that it is important that a Lawyer specialized in Crimes against sexual freedom, be it harassment, assault, or sexual freedom, assist you and defend you from the first moment. From the statement in the Police Station, Court, or judicial offices.

Sexual Harassment Lawyer will know how to advise you well to defend yourself or exercise the rights that correspond to you about crimes against sexual indemnity and sexual freedom.

Some recognized law firms have specialized lawyers and criminal law specializing in crimes against sexual freedom.

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